Zhu Fu Retribution

published Jun 25, 2022 | | |
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DoomDog 934

Here's a deck I played in the online league. It's a slightly clunky attempt to mix Kung Fu and Miracles. Stevie Lyndon is key to making this work with his bonus to casting Hymns, but he's also your most expendable dude at the start. Rushing into a fight straight away might not be the best approach despite the large amount of clubs.

Ideally you want to get Onward Christian Soldiers out to increase and protect your bullets, since your Kung Fu cares about your dude's bullet stat. As Zhu Bajie Tao also reduces opposing dudes' values, I also added some copies of Retribution as low values on opposing dudes gives it more targets. Shotgun plays well with this approach, but isn't key to the deck. Definitely try to play it when it shows up in your hand though. Zhu Bajie Tao got a boost in the new Weird West Edition, so it isn't entirely reliant on Shotgun to be effective any more.

If Stevie does bite the bullet early, your Miracles aren't completely useless. There are a couple of Blessed in the deck and you need a Blessed with a Miracle to use House of Many Faiths. I'd prioritise giving Retribution to Yasmin Tian because of this, and she's just as good at that spell as Stevie is.