Thriller Driller

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RichCarter 427

So here is the deal - the Plasma Drill is not supposed to be good. In fact, we do not want it to be good. if the Plasma Drill was good and effective, and hour-long tournament games ended with one player languishing without a deed in play, there would be table flips.

that said - I tried to do it. Extra props to the mad scientist of Jank, jayjester for a revision of my original starting posse. aware that we would have to fight, this posse can defend while a booted dude operates the Drill. although I do note that I am only starting 3 influence, and that makes me very nervous.

14-14-10 Structrure should serve you well in fights, even though your essential goals are going to be to avoid those when possible.

Tactics - get a Spirit Trail on your home. Use Mazatl to plant a Spirit Trail on the chosen opposing deed. Use Plasma Drill from the comfort of your living room.
also, use Ancestral Affairs to ramp up control points (and, with Silver Pheasants, Cash production) on deeds adjacent to your home. Ideally, with enough control on the table for a win, your opponent comes knocking on your 2CP deed, hit it with the drill. as the OWNER, you decide not to pay the fee, discard the deed, and send the opposing dudes home booted. Then mosey about the town for victory.

additional tricks: Ricochet costs your opponent a dude Hellstrom Plant can allow you to use a Drill a second time. California Tax Office adds to the economic pressure. Surveyor's Office to drill out of town deeds. Lula's to help pay the operating costs of the Plasma Drill.

but yes - the Drill is terrible. 4 cost - La Quema and Legendary Holster... 5 Value gadget with an 8 difficulty not a weapon or bringing any sort of bonuses costs 1 to use boots the user, while adjacent to the targeted deed (cannot target the deed that you are on, so you need tricks to drill out of town).

The original version started Alexander Sequoia so that he could use a drill in town square and then get back up to scurry off to safety.

Aug 10, 2022 jaythejester

Thank you for the chance to collaborate a bit. I explained that my jank is usually very reductionary, reducing a deck to a single objective to win with. This is a glorious heap of ideas. I hope you had some fun and laughs. Glad I was able to give a couple helpful ideas.