Horror Beyond All Imagination (WWE)

published Oct 10, 2022 | | |
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jaythejester 449

Jesters Industries is bringing you a spooktacular treat this Halloween! It's Scary, its Creepy, it's Spooky! It’s a Weird West updated deck, Horror Beyond All Imagination!

This deck is built around several cards that can increase your control points very quickly when killing certain dudes. If you ace an 11 or higher Grit your Cemetery will grow, which should usually happen since your starting Owl and Golem. Corporeal Twist might prevent you from getting a CP at Cemetery, but it can help you Shotgun a mid value dude and still CP, possible multiple if you Twist the same dude more than once. Mausoleum can also ramp up in CP as you kill dude, so I've put in two and a Land Purchase to help get one into play.

Jasper Stone can net you a CP if his target dude is Aced, but only if you pick a shooter. In short, the +2 bullets won't help you kill dudes with a Shotgun, and you will not gain Stones CP or permanent bullet buff if you Shotgun a lone opposing dude. Also to consider is I'm Your Huckleberry won't help against an opponent with only a single dude, but it can be a good way of killing a target of Stone if they have a larger posse and are cheating.

Your starting influence is a bit low, so be careful with your first turn or two until you can bolster your ranks. Bobo, and Anónimo are in the deck to help as well. If you can win quickly with CP gain the lower Influence might be sufficient.