Farnum's Cowboy Slide

published Oct 19, 2022 | | |
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jaythejester 449

Jesters Industries are investing in Farnum's Consortium. They are the new bank and legal support you need to build a boom town.

This deck is designed to play deeds and move your dudes around. Your goal is to gain a bit of extra money from your trait by out maneuvering your opponents dudes and Pistol Whipping your opponents influence home. Got extra cash and low on cards (and lower than opponents)? Than use your home ability to help close out the game. Nothing like Irving P-Whipping a dude and then using that money to draw and play another deed.

Ragged Mule is mostly for draw structure and cheap movement, but can help activate your cowboys that prefer having a horse. Vida can help unboot after booting to move, or P-Whipping, and can help discard out unhelpful cards. End game is putting your opponent into a slide state, forcing your opponents influence dudes to spread thin, and then ganging up on isolated dudes. You might be able to force opponents to be unable to boot to join shootouts since it will bunch them on a deed.

TLDR; 1.Play deeds. 2. Use movement to spread dudes around town. 3.increase economy 4. draw extra cards 5. gang up and murder, or tip the scale.