The Jessica Challenge

published Nov 22, 2022 | | |
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jaythejester 455

I was challenged to make a deck starting Jessica Patchett. This is my attempt and explanation for my choices. This isn’t intended to be competitive, but it’s what I believe is good considering the challenge of starting with a cost 10 and upkeep 3 dude.

Home and core deed is chosen to try to generate income, and most of the cards are cost 1 or 0 so that you don’t clog up your hand.

Plan is to kill of at least one dude every turn. Draw structure is 8, 3, A, with a hidden potential DMH. Dream is to Trick Shoot to pull a DMH together or know when you have a DMH ready. You don’t shuffle after Trick shooting, but it can help in its way.

Influence is low, but the deck runs a lot of Hired Guns and Guns to Hire to keep from losing each turn. Your also depending on killing off opponents dudes before they can get CP to win.

Format is Old Timer