Saved By Guns

published Jan 20, 2023 | | |
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jaythejester 449

Is this deck Good? Is it Bad? I don't know, but one things for sure, it's on a mission, to have all the bullets. Grifter's target inventing either the Flame-Thrower or Kinetic Accretion Actualizer depending on which your opponent lets you keep, with Hydro-Puncher being back up if you draw one of these two. If you believe your opponent is sliding don't invent, and try to stay in the game with your home ability, kidnappin', and goods with influence.

Draw structure is Heart Flush, with back up 7's and 9's. While this draw structure is very vulnerable to bad luck, the hope is the large draw hand size will find you something good. To help the Heart Flush, your home ability can help you reseed your deck with a heart or joker you don't want in hand.

Why this deck was built? Kinetic Accretion Actualizer (KAA) is a cheap +2 bullet gun first round of a shootout. Each following round it grows in power cumulatively until end of day. The best chance for KAA to grow bigger is by surviving multiple shoutout rounds. To that order we have Willa xp, Holy Roller, Shield of Faith, and Forsaken Hounds. If your pulling Straight Flush hands your opponent will probably need to cheat a 5 Of A Kind to beat you, so I've included Comin' Up Roses, Consecration, and Censure. The other miracles are either to round out the suit, but favor giving a bullet bonus.

Dream combo is for a dude whos bullets are bolstered by a KAA + a survived round and blessed buffs to use Trick Shooting to filter out non heart cards, possibly pulling multiple Trick Shots in a row. That's likely to make your draw hand in the high teens, and lets you forecast your draw hand, and may grab you a choice card from your deck. Then, Hellstromme dudes for some CP.

Win Condition is Kidnappin', Epidemic Lab, and Hellstromme heavily rewarding causing casualties.