Snakes & Property Ladders

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DoomDog 932

Hex/Slide with Fearmongers, because we can't let Outlaws have all the fun*. Not very shooty, but fightin' isn't the game plan here. Play as much of your hand as possible each turn. You have 3 starting Hucksters, so spread out your hexes. Grow the town, and use hexes and movement tricks to control it. Nicodemus can help squeeze out a victory. No Jokers, because they'll just slow things down if they end up in your hand and you don't need them for shootouts. Don't oppose jobs, you'll probably lose more than whatever you lose by letting them happen.

The first Fancy Hat goes on Sylvester, the second on whoever else has a Shadow Walk and isn't Marais (whose job early on is to stay at home so he can move your dudes to safety). Fetch also goes on Sylvester. Either you use it in lowball, or it's free to be booted to move him somewhere.

Phantom Fingers is there for Gadget matchups so you can boot Yagn's and Phantasm dudes, or just draw more cards. If no-one in your playgroup plays Gadgets or Mystical Goods then those can be swapped for other stuff, like Forget, Soul Blast or more Fancy Hats.

As it's basically landslide with extras, dudes were chosen based on cost and whether or not they are Hucksters. Byron Decker is the cheapest available dude with influence on 9. If adding more dudes on 9 I'd probably go with Father Diamond over Skinwalker or New Varney Nosferatu - same cost/upkeep for the influence, and has a movement ability that might help. You really don't want Varney - the trait is a real negative here.

Larry "Sevens" Swift edges out Evan Lucas for a spot because he provides influence and Huckster for 1 cost less, and the deck doesn't care about Evan Lucas' stud bullet or trait.

It's probably still worth building your street on one side of your home to leave space for The Whateley Estate on the other.

*This deck doesn't want to do shootouts and interacts with your opponent by messing with their stuff and frustrating their plans. It might not actually be fun to pilot if that's not your style, or to play against if you're expecting shootouts and stuff.

Feb 20, 2023 DoomDog

Lew is there because he's a cheap Huckster with influence. Don't grift with him.