Just Horsin' Around

published Feb 26, 2023 | | |
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Needed something to play for Genghis Con 2023, and rather than go with my usual Law Dogs, I thought I'd try something different.

Based upon EOJBakura's Horsin' Around deck with the following changes:

Nathan Shane starting instead of Lane Healy - 2 upkeep to start with is hard to deal with. This gives us 2 less influence, 2 more starting wealth and 1 more income per turn plus the ability in a shootout to try to ditch a cheating card in the opponent's hand once a day.

Dropped 2 Point Blank (not a lot of bullet boosting in this deck) and replaced with 2 Unprepared to try to deal with attachments.

Dropped 2 x La Quema - this is an expensive horse. Replaced with Pale Horse, a little cheaper and adds some extra cheating resolution.

Dropped a Cattle Market for a Clanton Ranch. Not 100% sure on this one, Clanton is out of town and gives you the opportunity to make up the cash you might have lost from losing low ball.

Even though there are a lot of horses in this deck which means you could have a lot of movement in play (depending on how lucky you are with the draws), the ability to have a card in play to prevent your main shooter from being Pistol Whipped, Faster on the Draw'ed, Sun in the Eyes'ed etc from adding in a Hiding in the Shadows might help. Needs more testing, only one may not be enough.

It played well and placed first in a field of four.