Judge Buster (Doomtown Online 2023 Q1 League)

published Mar 31, 2023 | | |
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DoomDog 934

This was the deck I used for most of my games in the online league. I'm using something else for the top cut.

The deck was put together a while ago, before the change to Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) that prevents him from being in the starting gang. I wanted something that could counter the fast, relentless aggression the Judge could bring, hence the deck name. I ended up with First Peoples because I could start with a bunch of studs and have access to several send home effects. It works well in regular games too!

Mariel Lewis will get to use her ability in most fights. Even if you haven't drawn any shootout actions she should be able to kick out an early aggressor. Once you're more established, with Sun in Yer Eyes Pistol Whip and Vamoosin' also in your arsenal you can move out into town square to control the game, and play like the Eagle Wardens blockade decks of old. If you're challenged, what starts as a fair fight can look very one-sided after a couple of rounds of actions. The deck works best when its dudes are able to support Mariel, rather than being too spread out, so be careful with when you boot dudes.

With a 2 upkeep start I'd recommend playing a deed before you start splashing out on 2-cost goods or other dudes with upkeep. Use Agent Provocateur to help get one of the 4 or 5 cost dudes into play, it's probably not worth using her on the cheaper ones unless you really need the mobility (e.g. vs landslide). If your opening hand doesn't call for it, don't rush out to fight. Wait until you're ready and can move out in force with an action or two and a Cheatin' Resolution.

Tawodi is really useful for helping you establish deeds or search for Allie Hensman to put a clock on your opponent once you're in control of town square.