Morgan-Cattle (8-9-Q) 1 Core

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Zelious 1

I wanted to make a Morgan deck with the left over cards from the alternate starter decks for more consistency made by KingAnus3.

(Note though that all his other decks had Jokers in them and you only get 2 in a single starter, so I gave the first one to the Fourth Ring (because come on, it makes since the circus would get that) and the other one to this deck.)

His Law Dogs took the Ranch and Slone Gang took all the horses so had to make the deck around those gaps.

Hoping this is able to keep up with those decks, I tried to make it consistent with as many 8s, 9s and Qs as I could find.

There are a few 7s too you might be able to do something with.

I was torn between putting 2 James Ghettys (He's a 7) in the deck or the remaining 2 deeds (Killer bunnies Casino and Stagecoach Office [both 6s]). I ultimately decided on 2 James Ghettys (He's a Mad Scientist for Gadgets and also a 7, which will make more consistent hands, though he doesn't have much use for his trait and he's expensive). This does go over the amount of Spades I wanted to put in the deck and am afraid it might make it too slow and clog up your hand. But I think that was the best decision from what I had to work with.

Question: Only have 1 Ranch, but Max Baine is in the deck? While Max Blaine wouldn't be able to use his trait most of the time, he his a Q (which makes your shootouts more consistent) and he does have 4 influence.

Since this is aimed at new players, I even made a "How to play the deck" like what's in the Reloaded Rulebook.

Deck Strategy: This deck is based around Gadgets. Keep your side of the town safe with cards like Make the Smart Choice, Pistolwhip and Rumors. Get a few well equipped dudes, then make bid for control of town.

Draw Hand: Your Shootout values are 8s, 9s, Qs with 7s as backup.

Key Combo: (Outfit + Irving Patterson) + ((Missed! + Pistol Whip) / + (Jarrett Blake + Mechanical Horse))

Suggested Startin’ Posse: Irving Patterson, Elander Boldman, Jarrett Blake