Gadgetorium Clubless Gadgets

published Jun 27, 2023 | | |
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Flipmaester 1

Clubless gadgets in Morgan, just throwing in all the experimental stuff and seeing what sticks. Built in oldtimer to really juice all the experimental gadgets available. Seamus O'Toole can invent every gadget with the Morgan Gadgetorium React, and Muratore is an eventual win condition. Not sure on starting Agent Provocateur, but since starting money is quite tight and you want to build up an arsenal of gadgets anyway, it might be a good choice.

Draw structure is 12/12/12/11 with no clubs. I actually have no clue how this holds up to a regular 16/16/16, but I guess not being able to draw legal 4's is gonna hurt real bad. Also might be a bit light on Cheatin' Resolutions of its own, with only Devil's Six Gun to show for it.