Regulator Voltron

published Aug 13, 2023 | | |
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AtotheJ 64

My Morgan Regulator deck I brought to Gen Con 2023 and went undefeated until the Top 4. Pretty straightforward deck, make big tower units and bully the town. No need to worry about weakening your draw structure when playing cards as there is a Straight Flush backup once the deck devolves.

Aug 13, 2023 ThomasJakobsen

It was a very tough and difficult deck to play against at Gen Con - where I had to sit at home being afraid of all the bullies parading the town square. I felt that my only chance was a lucky start - and that I did not have. So I got beaten quite hard by all the robot-dudes in their fance Yagn Suits.

Aug 21, 2023 davido

Good to see a Legend getting some love.