Abominable Souls

published Aug 22, 2023 | | |
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will092345 2

First WWE deck. designed to fight (Flush upwards) with plenty of actions to help hand manipulation and using Soul Cage (off value but essential) & Agent Provocateur to ensure a good supply of Dudes.

Deeds help to manage economy with Hustings to help win what should be a low Control / influence game as the intention is to wipe out the opponents dudes or reduce their influence if they hide at home.

I have messed around with different goods (Claws were in at one point) but opted for the Tin Star in the end to improve the effectiveness of Faster on the draw.

Feedback welcome.

** Update **

Played this 'solo' on DTO quite a bit. Inevitably it has tested the shootout capability given the nature of the automaton shootout archetype.

Things I have changed include:

Jokers smile in and Clantons ranch out to try to keep the jokers out of boot hill. They make straight flushes a lot more likely when they turn up and also help to win lowball which turns out to be important for this deck.

Taken out a couple of dudes (Ramiro and Morning mist) to add a couple more actions (Ricochet). the loss of dudes doesn't seem massive although neither does the addition of two actions so not sure if I will stick with that.

Otherwise it seems pretty dependent on winning early big fights playing in solo mode. I think it might be stronger F2F as the almost endless cards that the automaton gets exhausts even this decks actions eventually... I would not expect that to happen in most F2F games.

Anyway, trying something different next.. Maybe a DMH deck, that seems bonkers to me and I cannot quite see how it can possibly work but clearly it does so will experiment!