2023 Q4 Revolver Winner: Saved by the Grace of Tommy

published Nov 26, 2023 | | |
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Prodigy 763

If you've seen my previous blessed decks, this looks mostly familiar. And to the credit of the design team, Law Dogs miracles seem to be in a pretty healthy place - not great, but somewhat solid. It's early on in the cycle, so I'm sure their holes will be filled in time... but they are still competitive and fun in the meantime!

This deck was the randomly-chosen one for finals, which took me to an undefeated record for the tournament. I did mostly try to make competitive decks, instead of the quirky and quasi-jank that I like to run in these events, mostly because I wanted to have a small peak into what the competitive environment might be like, post Debt of Blood.

Many fun games - thanks to my opoonents, and especially to Aussie_Scum for running this event!!!

Nov 27, 2023 karoob

Why Fleet-Footed? How Benediction been working for you? Probably o nly for bullet bonus? Did you use outfit ability much? Booting Blessed seems huge since you got only 3 of them? I only see 2 ways to force shootouts, didn't you miss them?

Nov 28, 2023 Prodigy

I love Fleet-Footed's versatility - the movement ability is great for saving a booted Blessed after using your home, or just for chessing & the shootout ability is not bad.

Benediction is good, most especially in combination with Get Behind Me, Satan!, but again, the bullet bonus is totally worth it for 0 ghost rock. I do have to say, though, that those 2 Benediction slots were originally Turn the Other Cheek, but I found that I really wanted my blessed in almost every shootout, so unless I had a Walk the Path to get them back, it wasn't worth it.

I played this home because I, too, thought it was a very steep cost for potentially very little benefit. However, in my limited 2 games with this deck, I used the home 3-4 times and every time except for one I drew a very important card into hand, and 2 of those times I put a joker back into the deck, so it helped quite a bit. That's also why this deck structure is so tight - if I dont have any movement tricks to save a booted blessed, then I can likely be shootout-ready very early with very little setup, helping to use the home earlier.

Good points on forced shootouts, they are somewhat lacking here - but I figured the home was a good way to help find what I need, and once you get Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) on the board, you'll probably never need another forced callout!