Bloody Teeth and the Ethereal Mayhem

published Mar 03, 2024 | | |
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DoomDog 975

I played this deck at the Manchester, UK gathering and it worked pretty well. The basic idea was to get into fights with Bloody Teeth. Win a round, great! Tie a round, send him home booted as a Harrowed and then use Black Hills Guardians to send him back for round 2, while the opponent has to take actual losses. Lose a round and he can absorb a casualty and come back again inthe same way. Lydia Bear-Hands' ability provided another way to pull off this trick.

Ghostly Communion and Twilight Is Upon Us gave more ways to get the Harrowed back into the fight, and Fire of Nanahbozho could create a few more Holy Grounds around town to extend the reach of Ghostly Communion. The three totems are the only off value cards in the deck, so it proved to be a very effective brawler able to grind out wins through attrition.