Hellstromme and the five (ma)ladies

published Mar 12, 2024 | | |
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wramsey2995 3

Deck I used throughout the Doomtown Online 2024 Faction Round-Up! Ultimately won 2 of 5. First attempt at competitive deck building since WWE so any and all tips and critiques are welcome!

As the name relays and you can see, the deck uses every slot of 5 and Q for consistently high and very often cheatin draw hands.

Strategy of the deck in each game was pretty basic: Get some gadgets in play that let me start getting CP from the outfit itself, Roberto, Hellstromme, Epidemic lab, and technological exhibitions. Most games I would try and refrain from building deeds from my 5s and Qs unless my economy began to beg for it.


  1. Nathan Shane's ability was awesome for removing the threats from cheatin resolution clubs opponents would usually hold onto. Since this build consistently hit five of a kinds, this is what let me cheat and still expect decent outcomes. However, when running into opponents who relied on spells for cheatin resolutions I found myself completely at their mercy and having to settle for legal full houses and being whittled down.

  2. Stacking Whistle Stops can be very fun if your opponent likes to bring their whole gang into a job or shootout. I believe my best showing was 3 whistle stops against 4 or 5 opposing dudes followed by electrostatic pump guns to make their studs draws. A nightmare at noon would be an even more effective combo.

  3. When I won it was from very quick swings after the opposing gang was mostly booted. Typical best case scenario was running unopposed or overwhelming bullet advantaged technological exhibitions in town square for free control points and the random trigger from Hellstromme then fleeing home post first rounds.

  4. Definitely needs more cheatin resolutions on my own end and an answer for games that go late. If opponents are allowed time to set up miracles or kung fu chains you're gonna have a bad time. Early aggression after a yagn's or whistle stops on Nathan Shane , Lane Healey , or John "Aces" Radcliffe (Exp.1) is your best bet.