Slasher Showdown

published Apr 05, 2024 | | |
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DoomDog 976

From the 2024 Online Faction Roundup. The event allowed players to change decks throughout swiss rounds, as long as you stayed with the same faction. I built several decks and mostly picked which one to play at random so I'll have a few others posted too.

This was a bit of a counter-meta attempt. Three value shooter decks are the most common structure played. As two such decks playing against each other will often reveal tied hands in shootouts, or hands with a difference of one rank, casualty reduction is good and hand rank manipulation is good. Both let you play the attrition game and outlast your opponent in big, drawn out shootouts. The idea here was to shut down those common deciding edges with Shan Fan Showdown!, and rely mostly on Sidekicks to handle the attrition. I then played it against pr0digy's Blessed Law Dogs and didn't draw Shan Fan Showdown until right at the end of the game just before time. Still, the Sidekicks helped it brawl with the Blessed for a full 70 mins and even though pr0digy was in the better position when time was called the game wasn't necessarily over, so I feel like it did quite well despite misfiring with its gimmick. Getting a good balance of Sidekicks and Melee Weapons was a bit tricky though. I feel like this might work better with a different faction.

Apr 17, 2024 jaythejester

I really like a good meta answer deck.