Magic Miners - UKGE Marshall 2024 Winner

published Jun 18, 2024 | | |
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hehasmoments 181

This is the deck which I took to UKGE and won the day, beating Dan's Saved by Grace, Vince's Fort 51 and Andrew's Encroaching Darkness

The gameplan for the deck is to get a hex or 2 on Dave and friends and then go to town and get into some fights. Using Dave's ability to make everyone draws followed by making at least one of my Dudes a stud again using a Winchester Rifle, Kentucky Windage or Jack McCall.

The deck also makes good use of the home ability to add bounty and the very underrated Five Aces to bring in a big Stud (or Dave) with a bounty when one of my dudes is called out.

There's also plenty of other guns in the deck, Pete Spence pairs very nicely with the Five Aces, if you see a gun in opening lowball hand he can run his job unchallenged in turn 1 to grab a gun.

In the game against Andrew I didn't manage to draw a single hex but as backup with a few big draw dudes (Big nose Kate, Ma Florence..) and the Pearl Handled Revolver or Winchester it also works nicely as a more straight shooting deck.

The MVP card in my opinion (which was added after a previous test) is Pinned Down. The ability to pick off an opponent's important dudes rather than a casualty soak is still super powerful and the always useful pistol whip (especially with Five aces and Frank being able to bring a generally unbooted dude) is great for removing a troublesome big shooter.

Jun 19, 2024 Prodigy

Congratulations!!! I have to admit I often pass by Five Aces without much thought, but this is a great build/concept for that deed! Couple questions about the deck:

1) With the new rules on the 'core' deed keyword, was not including Rob Wilby or some other low cost 5th dude a purposeful decision? And if so, why?

2) Draw structure: instead of having a random 9 cards off value, they are all 7's - do you consider that an important backup value, either in making the deck, or now after having played it? Did it make for some hard choices on what to pitch/fish for during shootouts?