I can dance all day! v2

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A Sloane deck unlike what you're used to. Instead of aggression or hexes it relies solely on outmaneuvering (AKA dancing around) your opponent while Allie sneaks in and grabs control points every chance she gets.

It starts with a decent 4 influence and has a lot of dudes to gain even more of it. Androckles helps make sure your early production is retained and you want to keep dropping cheap deeds as soon as you get them to force your opponent to spread out even more.

The deck also includes 2 kidnappin'. While your shooting structure is not particularly effective (11x2 and 12x5), you can still use those opportunistically to take out easy and juicy targets, like, say an Irving who just built an out of town deed, or a Clementine hiding alone in a Saloon.

Taking Ya With Me is really powerful because so many of your dudes are cheap draws. If you see your opponent's 2-stud trying to block the town center, absolutely trade Travis Moone for them.

Protect Allie at all costs. You can either escape shootouts with Make the Smart Choice, or just leave before trouble arrives with Back Ways. You can use This is a Holdup! and Kidnappin' to get some bounties.

PS: I can dance all day!

Jan 14, 2015 mplain

Not much changed since v1.0, eh? :)

Jan 14, 2015 db0

I got back ways and Baird's in ;)