Tex Hex

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Samantho 12

This deck revolves around a few things, plenty of hexes, winning fights where the opponent cheats and Mongwau the mighty's ability. Starting with Micah, Mongwau, Travis and Arnold gives you a respectable 4 influence and the ability to mulligan if you don't get at least one hex in the starting hand. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THIS DECK, as you will cycle hexes like mad using Mongwau, hex slinging and magical distraction.

Shootout wise the deck aims to make straights or better depending on the bullets you have in the fight. If the opponent cheats you should often have a distraction to punish them with 99% of the deck being 8 or better you should win most fights. If the opponent isnt cheating use a hex slinging to sort them out. The deck also seems quite good at winning lowball which along with reserves improves your economy.

This deck originally made straights 9-k but 8-Q adds better cards available in the 8s.

Get some hexes on Mongwau then take over town. Use micah for blood curses from town square and an early stud bonus. Dont get into fights when Mongwau is hexless as he is your main shooter. Kevin works well with him especially after a shadow walk.