Two Dogs

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Marshal Lambert 42

This is the deck I used in the two local Stoke tournaments In January

Starting dudes: Wendy Mortimer Philip

(Economy is tight but having 2 x 2 studs means options are kept open if one gets tied up or taken out - hence the deck name). Originally this was to be a gadgets deck but I could find nothing that worked efficiently so switched values to 3's and went with shotguns instead. Mortimer is still an effective starting dude even though his science is wasted

This is a straightforward aggression deck. It could be stacked a little higher (there are 4 off-value cards outside of the starting dudes) but I kept some suit/values at 3 of each to slightly reduce chance of cheatin in lowball (though there is still no effective cheatin punishment in lowball so perhaps this is over-cautious).

Strategy is simple - call out at all opportunities, sit on deeds, use bounty hunters and kidnapping. Mortimer usually take a shotgun which he can use then bail out of a shootout if need be (his ability is usually a positive, not a negative).

Only cheatin' tech is quickdraw holsters (x4) though they are more deterent than punishment. Combined with Tommy they work well though.

A few cards included due to local meta - Unprepared (never a wasted card!) and stakes just rose (great to come back from an opponents wendy, or drop a surprise shotgunner into the fight)

I've played 8 local tournament games and lost 1 (vs Law Dogs Spells). Wins were against 3 x Sloane, 1 x Law Dogs, 2 x 4th Ring, 1 x Morgan. Played a bunch of freindlies but these were against non-tournament decks so perhaps not a fair matchup. After these games the things I would change are perhaps swap 1 or maybe both of Too Much Attention for more Unprepared - didn't use them much though they can be great at the right time or for taking out opp's Wendy. Doyles Hoyle is only in there for value and is a little limited (or at least I didn't use it much) but the timing flexibility is great and means you can bypass opp's cheatin resolutions if required. Not sure what I could swap it for though at this stage.

Jan 18, 2015 mplain

Why did you go with 10's instead of the ususal 5's? Dudes, deeds and actions at 5 are not any worse, and goods are more useful. You could even keep Unprepared off-value.