Keeping you Legal

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This is a simple iteration of the bullet-reducing, cheatin'-catching Law Dogs. It has a straight flush structure on A-5 which requires lots of bullets, but as a backup it can work on Aces and 5s.

Normal Starting Posse: Wendy, Travis, Lucinda and Philip.

What you want to be doing is keep up early pressue and use Wendy and SIYE and Pistol whips to whittle down the opposing stud bullets in order to force them to cheat. When they do, smack them down with anti-cheatin'!

Very simple strategy but surprisingly effective.

Oct 05, 2014 xavrok

Need to drop two cards. Deck sizes are exactly 52 cards.

Oct 05, 2014 xavrok

Nm, just reread rules, i R tard.

Oct 05, 2014 platypus

I wanted to try a deck like that, but since I made another law dog deck, I delayed the anti-cheating one.

I will definitely try yours to test this kind of deck. I like the fact that it is based on straights, instead of only full houses!

Oct 06, 2014 spags

I like the build. I think Legendary Holster could almost work in here.

Oct 06, 2014 db0

True. Worth losing consistency by dropping a Whiskey flask?

Oct 06, 2014 00cesil00

How has Whisky Flask been going. I thought that card looked pretty bad. Or are you just playing it for the straights?

Oct 06, 2014 db0

it's good to cycle your actions away when you don't need them currently and look for more dudes or deeds, and the other way around. And it helps with the straight of course.

Oct 07, 2014 00cesil00

Seems fair. I am yet to try play a "dudes n' deeds" kind of deck. Seems like a good list though

Oct 08, 2014 Ahzrab

Will try that deck tomorrow :)

Oct 13, 2014 Darguth

I feel like this deck would have mighty problems with MCC econ decks and 4R control decks. You have very little movement and very little aggro, it seems like they could run from you time and again and win their long-ball strategy easily.

On top of that, it just takes a DMH or a non-cheating Full House deck to beat you in shootouts unless you pull into the very uncommon Straight Flush (which is hard to do with LD which have few ways to raise bullets or to manipulate their draw hand).

Oct 13, 2014 db0

Yes, decks can possibly outmaneuver this, so you can't deal with all decktypes ;)

On the other hand, DMG and non-cheating FH decks are going to have a problem achieving those when they have just 0-1 stud bonuses ;)

Oct 13, 2014 Darguth

That's not been my experience. I posted an article about a deck very similar to this on Gomorra Gazette prior to the base set release and ran it extensively. A good shooter deck will very easily draw into their full house with only 5-7 cards, and with the limited amount of degeneration in DTR if they build a deck utilizing all 4 suits it's not that uncommon for it to be non-cheatin' even with that limited bullet bonus.

Also, while a deck cannot deal with all deck types, all the shouldn't have match-ups with a "good deck" that are essentially an auto-loss. I have a hard time seeing how this deck could ever possibly hope to win against most MCC econ or 4R control (probably the most common archetypes for those factions) really. That's a large chunk of decks that you'll see where you start off with an uphill climb.

Personally, I'd recommend you add in some more aggro (Somerset, Clyde, Bounty Hunters, Ambush, or Kidnapping) to help with avoidance/econ decks. To deal with control decks you need more movement such as Bluetick and The Stakes Just Rose. And to help against shooter decks that can manage to pull non-cheatin' I'd recommend you consider packing insta-kill cards like Point Blank, Legendary Holster, or Shotguns.

Personally, I think the Pair of Six-Shooters and Whiskey Flasks are sub-optimal cards. As are Sheriff Montreal and Abram. So you have some room to work with in your deck space, and many of the suggestions I made above are on-value for you.

I'm also rather surprised you've found your starting party to be effective. Lucy is not a very good starter in practice (I tried her starting for me as well and she's just not worth the upkeep from the get-go). Also, a reasonably well-tuned deck really should not need Travis. I'd recommend Wendy/Tommy/Philip. You can throw in Clementine to the starting party if you need more influence instead of Lucy. Also, drop Wendy for Prescott if you're facing off against MCC econ where you're likely to need more influence early.

Oct 13, 2014 db0

Shooty decks might draw into their full house with 5-7 cards, but it won't be a LEGAL full house ;)

Also, nobody said my deck is an auto-loss VS control decks, but it's not meant to be the most optimal deck ever. I quickly made this to post on the new site. Feel free to update and post your own version.

Oct 13, 2014 Darguth

No, that's what I'm saying. I played a deck with an identical strategy to this (reduce bullets to force cheatin' hands or low-rank hands and then beat them with a legal straight or flush). It routinely lost to shooter Full House decks because they will pull a legal hand more often than you'd think with only 5-7 cards.

Bear in mind that with the DTR deck construction rules of only 4 cards per suit/value a traditional 3-value Full House shooter will have to dip into all 4 suits to pull high hands reliably. Because of that the likelihood of legal hands is much higher than 3-value decks from Classic.

Also, a keen opponent will readily learn to eat a shootout loss rather than expose a cheatin' hand whenever possible. The end result is the same to them (they lose some dudes), but your hand will be clogged with Coachwhips and Bottom Dealings that you never get to play and have to cycle.

Also, I do have a variant decklist to this already made, it's just not public :) Just trying to share some advice.