Low Dogs

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Derived from
None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Control Dogs - 5th place London Deputy event (21 players) 3 4 1
Low Dogs CopyCat 2 1 0
Government Low Dogs 2 4 3

VinceTurner 264

Deck that won the Birmingham Deputy event.

Basic concept is that it's a 'chess' deck like the No - Stud Sloane by Scott it was derived from. I.e. the goal is ot necessarily to get into shootouts but to keep enough mobile influence to out manouvre the opponent.

Bounty Hunter's provide unfair shootouts with disposable dudes to remove their influence.

Starting Tommy and packing Six shooters/handgun should frighten the oppoennt out of cheating, leading to the advantage if you do feel the need to tactically risk your own dudes to remove their influence.

The Judge is there vs. landslide/dude and dudes to creat shootouts they can't simply boot home for no effect (in theory you can be happier going into shootouts with actual dudes against those decks as they have looser draw stucture)

Mar 14, 2015 Marshal Lambert

Good job today Vince. I seem to recall you won all 4 rounds with this deck, and then both games for the final which makes it unbeaten!Only query i have is the peacemakers? They don't fit the stack and none of your starting dudes benefit massively from them or need protecting. Were they for Ramiro/Steven? Was there anything else you could swap them for (Mustang for the chess moves, or Take Ya With me for travis?)

Mar 15, 2015 VinceTurner

They were originally pearl handleds which worked on Travis/Olivia.

As you have Tommy in the start, they turn him into a two stud that cannot be SIYE/Unprepared. They're not great, but effectively do the same job as Pearl Handled - making it hard for your opponent to deny you a 2 stud in a fight via a single action card.

The switch was made as I brought the judge in to deal with DnD/landlside, as that put a fair amouont of 2s in spades in. It seems trivial, but a couple of times in the day it used 2s to create a full house that would merelyhave been a 3 of a kind if they were any other value.

All that being said... I never once attached them and they were usually the first choice for a card cycle. SO they might be better off as Blueticks. Nothing in clubs or diamonds really stand out at the 2 value as useful.

So yes, this variant went undefeated (I variant about 8 cards different went 5/2 at Stoke the week before).

That was first round James' control 4th Ring. 4 Bounty Hunters over three turns blew away his Brute cover, the Raising Hell that got him back, and finally the ablative grifter and eventually Jake Smiley. Too many control points on table at that point for the lone Slade to cover compared to all my mobile influence.

Second Round was Ben's action heavy Sloane. Once I realised the draw structure was leading to flushes rather than full house/4s, just a case of manouvring into situations where lone dudes got caught in a crossfire and my legal full houses did the job. Again, whittled down until not enough dudes on the other side of the table to cover the control points.

Third round was Jim's Legendary Law Dogs. This was possibly the toughest round. The two 2 stud starts got a shotgun first round and a legendary holster in the second. Given that was death to everyone in posse other than Travis due to shotgun, I had to stick at home. Eventually a solution was contrived where a sacrificial Ramiro grabbed a shotgun and hitched a ride into a Bounty Hunter initiated strike on Lucy on a turn I'd won lowball. Ramiro was toast, but not before he gunned down the shotgun wielder leaving the bountyy hunter free to take out Lucy in the shootout resultant. Not enough influence left on Jim's side meant I could hoover the control points for the win without a fight.

Then Jimi's Law Dogs Shooter in the fourth. Was tit for tat until Jimi launched a EDS from the town square. I readied my Travis and sent him in (I should have just aced in to the job). Fortunately he top decked two jokers for a legal 4, beating Jimi's full house. Like an idiot I carried on the shootout. Lost the next round, so had to ace Travis and Jake. Didn't matter though as Jimi was down to two influence, both booted at home. Dropped the Baptist church to put me on 3 and game.

Finals versus Jimi. Round one, Jimi tries for a first turn recruitment drive for a second deed. Travis and Tommy deny him it, taking out Phil Swinford I think. Bounty HUnter strike on Lucy and it's over.

Round two. Actually, can't remember this much. Involved dancing round Wendy a bit, but eventually whittle Jimi down.

For deck check after, became apparent mine was much tighter on the draw structure than Jimi's, hence managing to win each shootout by a single hand rank usually.

Apolgies to anyone I've mixed up games with!

Mar 15, 2015 Marshal Lambert

Cheers for the detailed round breakdown Vince.