Morgan Hexes - First Place Games of Berkeley 3/14/15

published Mar 17, 2015 | | |
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RichCarter 405

This here is my Morgan Hexes deck. Notion seemed simple - combine the effectiveness of Blood Curse and Paralysis Mark with Rumors and superior Morgan influence. Value wise it gravitated towards Eights (Paralysis Mark, Rumors, Steven Wiles) and Queens (Blood Curse & Max Baine). First version went down to Sevens in values, and had a couple of Smart Choices - but Wilber failed too many 9 difficulties, so I pushed the whole thing to 8+. At this point I started seeing the strong potential of Takin' Ya With Me as a tool for removing opposing influence from the board, and upped the count. Now running 15 Q's, 14 8's, and 10 10's; I began to notice that it could actually shoot.

This is the same deck I ran to 2-3 at the New Year's Eve Kansas City tournament. the only change being dropping Remy for the numerically superior Arvid Mardh.

as to the Games of Berkeley Event - I faced four other spell decks. First three rounds against Fourth Ring, running many of the same control elements, and I was able to claw my way to the top of that heap by virtue of some surprising shootouts (surprising for my opponents) and by virtue of the superior cost : influence of the Morgan dudes. The final round was against Jon Del Arroz running essentially a Law Dog version of the same deck - with much of the same tech (he ran bounty hunters and It's What You Know, he and I built his deck that morning, he also had Puppet). When two hucksters square off with Paralysis Marks at 20 paces, control of the General Store (with its hot new ruling) is paramount.

Yes, this deck runs without Cheatin' Cards. Yes, that is dangerous. But the primary tactic of the deck is not to shoot - the benefit of the stacked value structure is mostly defensive (looking at you Kidnappin').

Also, this deck does not win a lot of lowball. like any stacked spell deck in the format, if you tie lowball on hand rank, you are going to lose out because your cards are typically higher in value. Maybe that was a contributor to the success this day, as I faced spell decks all day that were using similar value ranges.

Mar 17, 2015 mplain

So what's the advantage over 4R? Just more late game influence bombs? If you faced other huckster control decks all day, then I guess you could use the outfit ability without much trouble, but against aggro decks you don't have a way to protect your dudes in the first few turns...

Mar 17, 2015 RichCarter

From Friday night anecdote, Travis can be mighty effective at protecting from a first turn kidnap (once with four of a kind, once with a Takin you with me versus a lone kidnapper). Admittedly at KC one of my loses was a Law Dog bringing first and second turn Ambush. hard to protect against that.

As far as early use of the home ability, Travis protecting Irving happens. Or I get a Shadow Walk for Steele.

I want to find deck space for 2 puppets, I think those would be extra rude in here.

Mar 17, 2015 RichCarter

And I can say that at least one opponent adjusted his starting dudes based on his expectation of what Morgan would do, so this deck has that going for it.

Aug 17, 2015 Gozik

Cool deck, grats on your result!

What do you think about TMA? I don't find it very useful in this sort of decks. Ussually played unprepared in this slot (also boots and help to play TYWM). And now I'm looking toward Burried Tressure, I think it fits perfectly. So what's your expirience with TMA?