Ivor the Engine

published May 09, 2015 | | |
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Samantho 12

This deck started as me wondering if "action sloane" can be converted to 4th ring spells deck. This is its 3rd iteration or so. This deck aims to get straight flushes in hearts when you have a few stud and draw in a shootout while having enough splash cards to hopefully win lowball.

Start with Ivor, Tyx and Smiley. Tyx is there to protect Ivor early on so keep them together. Jake should stop you from losing too soon.

Ecomony is tight in this deck with only 4 cash to start and you upkeep eating all your income. Don't forget to use your home as much as possible! The main money maker is RnD ranch as you will notice there are no clubs in the deck so its easy money! Aim to get a deed out before you spend too much money on spells.

There are low values in the deck but Ivor's skill rating means the only spells which may fail are bloodcurse and phantasm, keep this in mind!

Leonardo and Mayfair deck make for backups incase Ivor snuffs it. You can always bring him back in a long game with Raising Hell!

Move Ivor around with Tyx and cause some mayhem! Splash peacemaker is there to give Ivor some extra power and protection against unprepared, but Tyx does that job better!