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jaythejester 435

This deck isn't actually a bicycle deck because it doesn't need to be. As cards are played, they will be removed from the draw structure, and the 5 cards in your hand mean a bicycle deck isn't mandatory for preventing you from cheatin.

Ultimate goal for this deck is to win with good legal draws, while severely punishing those who cheat. Avoid, and cancel shootouts you really don't want to happen until you're ready for it, because tighter draw structure decks will likely wreck you if you're not prepared.

Cards chosen for this deck focus around smart play, reducing bullets, punishing cheaters, and taking bounties. I chose law dogs because of Tommy and Philip. I didn't think this deck would succeed pulls very well, so it isn't running The Arsonal, gadgets, or miracles. That could change though, and I have a few ideas for it.

please let me know if you see something I missed.

May 13, 2015 byronczimmer

I'm missing how you get "good" legal draws. I get legal, Bicycle or near Bicycle will do that, but it also pushes your draws down into "High Card" or "Pair" level of hand rank.

You've got a 1-Stud and a 2-Stud starting. Lets draw 7 cards a few times and see what you get...
Pair 66xxx
Two Pair 66AAx
Third draw was interesting: AH 5D 8H 8C QD QD Joker
So either full house Cheatin' (QQQ88) or 3 of a kind legal (888Q5)
3oaK (with joker)
A-5 Straight (with Joker) High Card 8 Pair of 4s

Not very consistent, but typically legal. You've got weapons that can help... and lots of tricks, but it's going to be very situational and against the typical Full House/4K/5K structure, you're going to be hurting...

Let us know how this one plays.

May 14, 2015 jaythejester

thanks byroczimmer. this deck is a pipe dream of mine, obviously not there yet. I'll probably take this deck down when I get it retooled into something more sensable like a blessed straight deck. Not sure yet, thanks though.