Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1
Kung Fu 1 • Experienced 1

Repeat React: After Emre successfully performs a Technique during a shootout, draw a card and give Emre +1 bullets. You may use this ability once per shootout.

Anarchists • Ikaan Studio • Weird West Edition #19
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Weird West Edition needed a fightin' worthy kung fu dude. Fundamentally the same as Wang Men Wu from there comes a Reckoning, as long as you have a technique to perform (and for 1 ghost rock cheaper) - all while replenishing your hand (not to mention whatever the Kung Fu Technique you perform does).

Combined with being able to succeed with Techniques on a 7 or less, this Emri gives plenty of options for those wishing to engage in the mystic arts of the east.