Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 0 • Cost 1 • Upkeep 0

"I've never seen anyone else catch a bullet while wandering in town square like old Wilby. He may have accidentally stopped an assassination or two just by being in the way of the shot, and he's somehow still breathing. Not sure if he's blessed or cursed..." -Walter Jameson
Neutral • William O'Connor • Weird West Edition #92
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The Brett Bunsen of Doomtown. Rob is one of the best dudes in Doomtown, and should be seriously considered for almost any decks starting dudes.

Really? He’s so weak, and pathetic. Yeah, but he’s also cheap, and pulls a lot of weight for only 1 ghost rock. For only 1 GR Rob is cheaper than most sidekicks and can similarly discard to cover a casualty, but can also ace to cover two, and additionally increases your draw bonus by 1. He can also carry a weapon, and becomes a very real threat without much cost when handed a Winchester Model 1873 or a Flame-Thrower. He can sacrificially be used to play Pistol Whip, or Unprepared to mess with opponents dudes. He can also perform some jobs on his own, either when there’s no possible opposition, or opposing would pull opponents into an awkward board position. They’re also the matter of simply pushing your luck. Even Rob can luck into a 5 of a kind, and for only 1 GR, a single moment of luck could spell the difference in a game.

There are some differences between him and sidekicks as far as bullet catchers go. He’s pretty allergic to shotguns, and he takes actions to move around instead being attached to a dude. Considering his versatility though, it’s a small price usually.