Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 0

Noon/Shootout: Move Kassandra to the location of one of your Horses. If this is a shootout play, the location must be the location of the shootout, and Kassandra joins your posse.

"Heaven help you if you threaten a horse around her." - Deadwood Dick
Entrepreneurs • Debt of Blood #5
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Kassandra is a magical horse girl. She will follow those horses into the jaws of doom.

Allowing you to squeeze more movement out of a single horse, or, if you can crank up Kassandra's Bullets, have her ready to hop into the fight to protect one of your horse riders. Scatter some Pinto and Ragged Mule around and you can bring the whole gang into any fight as needed.