Dude • Stud 2 • Influence 2 • Cost 6 • Upkeep 1

Noon, Boot: Call out an opposing dude at this location, whose controller must pay you 1 additional ghost rock to refuse. No other dudes may join this shootout. This shootout ends after one round. Reduce casualties on both sides by 2. If no dude is aced, the winner gains 2 ghost rock.

Entrepreneurs • Debt of Blood #7
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Howling Howell Melton is another of our cards for the Wildcards roleplaying crew.

I was tasked with creating a brawling prizefighter - and I think it came out alright.

The fight has reduced lethality and a reward for winning, but killing the other boxer gets you disqualified (the prize money is used for funeral expenses).

on the counter side of the table, you can just pay to refuse, and their 2 stud 2 influence investment just sits there booted (and angry).