10 Alonzo

Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 2 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 0
Huckster 1

Noon: Discard a Hex attached to Alonzo to draw a card.

"Ursula wants a grand celebration for the new spawning. We need more meat, and fast!"
Fearmongers • Debt of Blood #11
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one of the risks of attachment based decks like hucksters is that in the mid to late game you often have difficulty making legal full houses and four of a kinds because many of your hearts are in play.

Alonzo can return a hex, even a used one, to the rotation, and end up replacing the card in the process.

all for no upkeep and 2 influence - everything you want in a starting dude.

Forget, Fetchc, Sight beyond Sight, Shadow Walk, and Mind Twist - all zero cost Noon cast hexes for the huckster on the go.