Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 0 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 0

Ghost Dancers can have one Totem attached. If Ghost Dancers are at a deed, a Totem attached to them is considered to be planted at that deed.

Noon: If Ghost Dancers are unbooted at a location you control, and you have an unbooted Shaman there, attach a Totem to Ghost Dancers.

First Peoples • Debt of Blood #13
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I cannot take all the credit for this one. "what if a dude could carry a totem?" came up in a chat with another player, and I ran with the idea.

not super easy to use. Limited to being at deeds so that we didn't have the questions about the "deed only" totems.

Still need a Shaman handy to activate the totem - but hopefully these dancers will improve the tactical play options of Totems.