Dude • Draw 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 2
Harrowed • Ranger

Noon / Shootout: Discard a Sidekick or Horse at this location to give TLC John +1 bullets, +1 Influence and make them a stud. If you discarded your Sidekick or horse, Reduce TLC John's upkeep to 0 until after the next Upkeep phase.

Neutral • Debt of Blood #25
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the real world John Yarbrough has been a friend of mine since back in the Dooomtown Classic days. John has always been a Texas Ranger at heart, even when the Classic version of that faction embraced the recruitment of harrowed dudes.

Furthermore, back in the day, we had a side bounty for the "Tastes Like Chicken" challenge, a card that allowed a harrowed dude to eat a whole horse for a benefit. John claimed that bounty in a creative way, and we thought to honor that history.

and since we all know that the undead have ... appetites, consuming your own horse or sidekick covers the next upkeep. or, with the proliferation of Sidekicks and Horses in the environment, eat one of theirs to cost them the card they paid for.