Deed • Control 0 • Cost 1 • Production 0
Private • Core Law Dogs • Government

React, Boot: When a dude gains bounty for joining a shootout at another player's Private location, increase or decrease that dude's bounty by 1.

Neutral • Debt of Blood #33
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replacing the old timer Gomorra Jail for the Law Dogs.

we really do need a term for what my friend Jordan Caldwell calls "breaking and entering".

most of the decks that are going to invade another player are happy to resign themselves to gaining bounty for their actions. Most.

Some Law Dog dudes, like Marshal Caves Callarman are more allergic to gaining bounty.

or, if you are an outlaw feeling particularly saucy, you could use the dispatch office to publish your exploits far and wide, ramping up "Ma" Florence Aims, #Miranda Clarke, or Silas Aims (Exp.1) even faster.

or at the bare minimum, reduce the money you risk your opponent getting, or increase the money that you stand to gain.

I still need to do a little something with government deeds.....