Action • Cost 0

Cheatin' Resolution: The cheatin' player either pays 1 ghost rock or discards a random card. If this is a shootout, reduce your casualties by 1.

Resolution: If this shootout is at a deed, boot the deed. It does not provide control points or production until after the next Upkeep phase.

Neutral • Debt of Blood #49
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the Ace of Clubs has not been much of a place for Cheatin' Resolutions. Old Time had Inner Struggle, but as a condition, it did not stay in your value structure, and that can hurt. additionally, we now have Murdered in Tombstone, to go get a bigger impact cheating card, at the cost of allowing your opponent to do the same.

Like a proverbial Bull in a China Shop, some play styles are ... indelicate. While this will only protect you from 1 casualty (and NOT an actual hand rank), it will also cost your opponent a resource. In the ideal situation you have initiative and play this on a broke opponent, and make them discard the cheating card that they have. Unlikely, sure, but a fool can dream.

Or get in a fight on one of their deeds, and shoot the place up with the regular Resolution, buying you an extra turn on the control point, and maybe jamming up their economy with the production hit.