Action • Cost 0

Shootout: Make an opposing booted dude a draw.

Shootout: Boot one of your dudes or their attached Weapon to make them a stud.

"If you fill the air with enough lead, they either get down, or get dead." -"Ma" Florence Aims
Neutral • Debt of Blood #55
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Want the ability to make an opposing dude a draw, like Sun in Yer Eyes but still pass spell Difficulty?

Running higher difficulty gadgets, but need more studs?

Suppressing Fire is for you.

once they know this is your trick, more effort will be put into going into fights unbooted, or booting more of your guys (and weapons).

For too long spell decks had to just accept that they could not run Sun In Yer Eyes or The Stakes Just Rose. Now they can, it just takes a little bit more work to squeeze a similar reward. Unprepared, Rosenbaum's Golem, or 54 Card Pick-Up might be handy for setting up the first half of this little action. As for the second part, any shootout movement could work, Pinto, Carter's Bounties, Walk The Path, or Shadow Walk.

or you might just use the second half of this card to restore your chief shooter to proper studness after your opponent hits them with Suppressing Fire, booting that now decorative Pearl-Handled Revolver.