improv Landslide

published Jun 03, 2015 | | |
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oortje 83

I had just a half an hour to build a deck for a tournament. And this is the first thing that enterd my mind with the new cards availible. I really like William Specks ability for more discount on deeds. It is a very obvious combo the base outfit.

I misread under the weather. Which resulted in booting my owndude instead of sending it home. DOH! I hoped to use it as another escape card.

The basic idea should be simple. 1 Cheap dudes with high influence. 2 Deeds with 1 control and income. 3 Avoid a shoutout at all cost. 4 spread out their influence among your deed, then take control of their deeds.

Try not to get kidnapped.

It is slow, risky but effective.

I should change the deck so under the weather will be effective. That will make it much less risky.

Jun 03, 2015 Whizzwang

I'd try and fit a Gina in there to engineer your hand a bit more. With 7 cash left over she should be bale top fit easily.

Instead of putting more effort into trying to get under the weather to work, you could just increase the number of pistol whips you have?? Although you won't go home, it has the same net effect of ending a 1v1 shootout.

I would also suggest adding 4 x Flight of the Lepus

A good opponent is going to come over the table and take your economy immediately. 4 Lepus means you can send their guys home in lowball from your highest production deeds and get some cash in.

Jun 03, 2015 oortje

@Whizzwang Thanks for your input. I dont own any copies of Flight of the Lepus yet, so that adwise will have to wait. But it seems like a very good addition.

Gina seems ok, but has no influence. Thats why she never crossed my mind. Not sure if the ability is worth 3 credits, because the rest of the game she will have no other function then getting shot.