Avie the Scorpion

published Aug 25, 2015 | | |
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oortje 83

This is a slow deck with 4 values: 5,7,8 and Q.

You try to drag dudes to a deed you own deed and force a shootout, without them getting any help. Pistol whip is to send any help home. Also very good versus the judge ans steve. The corporal twist bloodcurse and pinned down should make the fights a lot easier. Try to force a blind draw (a hand with no stud or draws). Fetchs can help a lot with the lowball to draw an extra action card. You start without a good stud so the revolvers will make you poker hand much more stable. Paralyze mark and bloodcurse are very strong but the pull is unsure. A stud 2 or higher will give a better result. Also the are no doubles in dudes and deeds, this makes it much better if the game drags on into the lategame. When you have money problems you can use no turning back to sell a dude to buy a deed.