7/9/K Blessed Deputies

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Pintyhet 42

Just a build using some of the new stuff from The Light Shineth, since the new outfit looks to really improve defensive capabilities. Deborah West looks like a solid choice to run Kidnappin' later on in a turn when your opponent has his hand run down a bit and you can use Abram's Crusaders to deputize Rev. Perry Inbody for some additional influence since tossing him a Sword of the Spirit is an easy choice and he can camp out at home.

Oct 09, 2015 kazujmi

im running into a problem where you start with only 2 influence. how does your deck beat that problem?

Oct 09, 2015 Pintyhet

It may only start with two influence, but with two blessed deputies in your starting posse that jumps to four quickly and the ability to make the reverend a deputy can bump to five influence with just a couple miracles. I toyed with starting Smiley, but I can't stand that guy's face.

Oct 10, 2015 hairywookie

I'm liking Mary as a starter. No upkeep, one extra inf and blessed 1. You can still deputise her if you need to. Get a Stokers on her and possibly Holy Roller. She's a monster

Oct 10, 2015 Pintyhet

Mary only had 1 influence like Deb and with this deck you can't fail a pull at all, even with Blessed 0. I do, however sub out Mary or Wendy depending on my opponent.

Oct 17, 2015 Epimer

I just played a game with this list and it was fun! I've tweaked it a little, though. General Store is so good with the 16 targets for it (most of which make use of the discount), so I replaced St Anthony's Chapel with it and might even want a second copy over Surveyor's Office or even Carter's Bounties (the latter only really being good if/when you have Wendy in play).

I replaced two Rapiers with For Such A Time As This, mostly because my other Rapiers were in another deck, but it actually worked ok. Deborah is a good leader for it, and it helps pull back at least Andrew or Philip, and possibly something meatier if you pull a K. Maybe worth it as a one of.

Regarding the influence: I was very nervous about starting with just two, but you're absolutely right that it racks up very quickly. It'll still probably lose a game or two to first turn Kidnappin's or rush decks because of it, but that's just something to bear in mind.

Oct 18, 2015 Pintyhet

If you're playing against an outfit you suspect may be initially aggressive don't be afraid to sub in Wendy. She's your silver bullet.