Work in Progress - No idea how to call it

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Nobuyoki 8

I'm trying to do something with influence/totems since Beyond the Veil is out. Then Mariel Lewis. This dude is a fuckin' beast imho (in the right deck though). And then, I saw Kollat's deck ( and that decided me to try the pistol whips.

So the main idea of the deck is taking control of all deeds in play (well, at least trying). Spirit Trail is here for the move, and should give more moves to your dudes than the standard deck. Also, it allows you to send directly from your home (or a deed) to another deed one of your shaman unbooted to 1) put a totem as your next action if you have one or 2) bait people to go in the deed to make him waste a move. That's why Mazatl is here, since his ability is pretty good with this idea in mind. I think Mother Bear's and Spirit Trail can combo pretty nicely, but it's not easy to put them both (need at least two spirit trail...). There's also the Maza gang-spirit combo if you're looking for gr and you're lucky enough to get it.

You will want to do some shootouts at a moment in the game, because Lewis+Pistol whip+Wendy's or Mother bear's will give you some neat bonuses. If you have a Wendy's, I think that if you send home a booted dude with Lewis, you can unboot a dude in your posse and then pistol whip his buddy. That's why you'll want to call out dudes as fast as you can to avoid his buddies to come without booting.

Also, since you should be able to send some of their dudes home, you should be able to have more bullet in your posse thanks to influence and Zach, so you can outgun them. Flight of the lepus can be pretty nice too.

I have some problems though : 1) Zach is my only strong shooter. If he gets sniped, I only have to pray for Sarah or Frog-chan to come for the rescue. 2) 2 upkeep. I found out recently that having no upkeep is OP. 3) The structure is really tight : that's a good thing, but you will lose a lot of lowballs (I think). 4) I have only tried him in "solo" mode (me vs me, both decks made by myself), so I don't really have real feedback on it.

Ideas to "upgrade" or modify the deck : ...It's who you know : could start some bloody shootouts with Enapay or Lewis+Idol/Wendy's. The prob is that it will fail all spirit check with my current starting posse. Changing Enapay to Black Elk in the starting posse : 1 upkeep (better), but one less stud and less influence. And also, it will make my draw structure less interesting (only 1 9 of spade drawable). And that's all xD