Funtime and his Pal Mr Odett, Origins 2nd place.

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madscience 154

This is what I piloted to 2nd place at the Origins Qualifer for GenCon.

Note: Yes, there are six starters selected. I chose between Pagliaccio and Ambrose, based on what my opponent's home was. For something that Could be slide, I went with Pags, to ensure 8 influence at the end of turn one. Against everything else, It was Ambrose, giving me 16 2's in deck, little off value, and plenty of card cycling.


Round 1: Banditslide. I saw 2 dudes in 4 turns, and it was over quickly. He just outpaced me when the only dude I could drop was Ivor, and I couldn't cover enough deeds fast enough. 0-1

Round 2: Souix Blockade. A tense match, that was decided by shooting. Soul Cage Recursion to cover my losses, and eventually the final shootout just ended with me having the ability to consistently flop 4Oak or better.


Round 3: Spirit Fortress. I couldn't draw better than FH in a shootout against the deck, so I swapped strategies, and full on blitzed getting people and deeds into play for the win at time. At time, I had 21 influence, and 8 control points, squatting on most of the board. 2-1

Round 4: Conditions A tense game that went back and forth, but eventually, he couldn't stop cheating in shootouts, and Bottom Dealin' left him a 2 pair to a legal 5Oak, and that was that.

Round 5: Conditions (different) I knew going into this match that I had secured at least a tie for second place. I was tired, and distracted. I lost the match because of my poor play from being distracted, and my opponent didn't make mistakes.

IN the end, it was over on Day 3 because of it, and I had to shoot with him, and I didn't have a cheatin' action to save me.

Notes: This deck is a blast. I love it. I wish that I could pilot it at GenCon. But that's NOT going to happen. 108 Slide will beat you 99 times out of 100. Morgan Slide is a little easier to deal with, because the very act of using their home's ability leaves them vulnerable, so they slow down (Or don't, and lose people)

I've now top 4'd at a Sheriff, and 2nd at Origins with the deck, and While I want to play it at GenCon, I just can't recommend anyone do that.

But, by all means, have fun with your friends, and at other tournaments / Sheriff / deputy type events.

There is a lot of synergy to the deck. Little bits and pieces of things that work together to make little nifty combos. If I had to list an MVP from the day at Origins, I would say

1.) Bottom Dealin' 2.) Nightmare at Noon 3.) Essence of Armitage

Jun 21, 2016 davido

Yep, Bottoms just WRECKS hard cheaters. My version is 2-3-8 to leverage SIYE and then This'll Hurt in the a.m. and Quickdraw Handguns to punish cheaters some more as well as a nice bullet buff. And yeah, I lose to Slide as well. the 2-3-8 for me is designed to win lowball ties to get the GR and that all-important first action or first chance to bully town square. Only the A-2 'Dogs or the Zhu Bajie Fu decks (and non-structured Slides) can consistently underdraw it.

Jun 21, 2016 davido

Hawley's Rose is so clutch for bullying deeds that I don't miss Peacemakers (my usual 2H go-to)

Jun 21, 2016 Prodigy

Nice write up!

Question: How would you rate the performance of Rites of the Smoking Mirror? Were you ever particularly happy or unhappy to see it?

Jun 21, 2016 madscience

My biggest debate right now, is with how to try and "slide proof" the deck.

Jun 21, 2016 madscience

@Prodigy It was great. I included it, because I start Tyx. It gives me a simple mystical drop to prep for the overlay.

But, it also gives me the ability to go after a Soul Cage or the Essence of Armitage that may go by in lowball.

I'd say it was a fine addition, and I hope to find more mystical items to use it with. (A shame the Rose isn't)

Jun 21, 2016 Baron_Fel

@madscience What do you mean by: "it also gives me the ability to go after a Soul Cage or the Essence of Armitage that may go by in lowball." in reference to Rites of the Smoking Mirror?

Jun 21, 2016 madscience

Sorry, I worded that incredibly poor. I should have worded it as:

It allows me to get a goods, when I lose lowball, early on. Rock can be a little tight, and the Cage and Essence are "Pricey" early on against certain decks.

Losing Lowball, means I'm probably not buying one of those and something else.

The rites allows me the opportunity to do so, a chance that I normally wouldn't have if I lose lowball.

Jun 22, 2016 Srikler

Why not use Concealed Weapons to help with shopping since you want to be able to buy anywhere.

Jun 22, 2016 madscience

Because there is currently 1 abom on 6, and the deed selection, and goods selection does not further the deck's agenda.