Derringer Desperados

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tomravenhall 56

The deck i piloted to first at the Hartlepool derringer 2016 deputy.

This deck is based heavily around shootouts, with no hugely fancy ways of winning it relies on either shooting your opponent dead or scaring them so they stay away from town square and let Allie get to work. A combination of Den, Makaio and Milt means that you will always have something of an economy and enables you to hide at home and slowly build in the unlikely event you hit a deck that out shoots you.

Generally this deck builds towards legendary holster if it doesn't manage to out shoot it's opponents early on. Hired Guns can find you Junior who can find your Holster and then equip it giving you a 5 bullet holster carrier which this deck finds hard to fail the pull for. If Junior is being stubborn then a signing over the stores can also work.

If you sit down opposite slide then change your starting posse to include Fred Aims and give him all the bounty you would give to Milt. Traditional slide means you will have the run of the town so feel free to drop your own deeds and fill the town square with your dudes, including Ms Hensman, as Fred keeps you safely in the game with his ever increasing stack of influence.

So now on to the write up of the Deputy.

Disclaimer: The games below are correct to the best of my memory. I apologise to any of my opponents if i forgot things or got things wrong.

Game 1: I drew the Bye for the first round so got a nice free win.

Game 2 vs Logan’s Sloane Gang

Somewhat harrowing experience as i ran head first into a deck that shot better than mine. A few turns and several shootouts where Logan slapped me with cheating resolutions meant things were looking really ropey. Only the mayor's office and the ever increasing bounty on Fred Wiles thanks to Makaio and the Den kept me ahead of Logan's ever increasing pile of control, mostly on Allie.

As the game drew on it became clear i would have to do something about Ms Hensman so Milt, Makaio and wanted Marion moseyed on down to the town square. Logan's lacked many Stud dudes and this told as, although he top decked a 5 of a kind first round and killed Makaio, consecutive hands couldn't match my greater number of cards. With all the shooter protection dealt with Milt then blew away Allie and, with now only 2 influence booted at home, Logan could not stop me drooping enough deeds to steal the win.

Game 2 vs Steve Bushnall’s 108 Righteous bandits

Game started well for Steve as he took control of the town center and made me seriously regret dropping a few early deeds as they were swiftly taken whilst Bai Yang Chen hid in my home. Luckily i then got a legendary Holster out on a wanted Marion and took the fight to him. Some maneuvering meant that Hamshanks was there to take the bullet meant for Bai and in the resulting shootout Marion was coach whipped sending the holster to the discard.

Unfortunately for Steve it wasn’t gone long as a few turns of saving ghost rock later a hired guns grabbed me junior who then went and found himself the holster again. With that Junior and Milt moved out, gunned down Bai Yen with the Holster and took the game.

Game three vs Jason Griffiths’ Law Dogs

Quick game that probably shouldn’t have gone my way.

Good early start saw me walk Milt and Allie with a pearl handled revolver into the town square to face down Jacqueline and Wendy with Wanted Marion and his shotgun riding in on La Quema to boot Ms Cheng. Jay’s willingness to shoot should have tipped me off as a bottom dealing turned my 5 of a kind with a dead man's joker into 3 of a kind and aced Milt and Allie.

Marion ran home and i managed to drop Olivia Jenks to keep me in the game as deed after 2 control point deed dropped across the table leaving me equal in influence to Jason’s control as we moved onto the last turn. A pearl handled reappeared and was quickly gifted to Ms Jenks before Makaio, Olivia and Rico all headed to the town square, kept from being called out by the watchful figure of Marion armed with a shotgun and mounted on La Quema sitting in my home.

I then started to occupy his deeds and Jay realised i had more maneuverable influence than him and he would have to make a fight of it. The Mayor's Office saw inexperienced Philip, and Wendy call out Rico and the surprisingly well armed Olivia with Marion riding in on La Quema to boot Wendy and shotgun Philip with Jay using Stakes just rose to bring Jacqueline in as a stud despite him issuing the callout. My deck didn’t fail me and pulled a legal 4 discarding Jacqueline with Wendy running home. With no movable influence on the board Jay couldn't stop me as my guys occupied his deeds and won me the deputy.

Jul 01, 2016 szendroib

Why did you go for x1 for every card? Does it have any advantage over more focused cardpool?

Jul 02, 2016 DoomDog

The deck was built for a Derringer event. Derringer is an alternative format where you're limited to one copy of each card.