Hucksters of Desolation.

published Jul 14, 2016 | | |
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jaythejester 460

Not to terribly serous, but very fun huckster row. This deck goes for quick control points and income, and stacks spells and weapons on the few dudes you have to the point where your opponent will never want to challenge you, and has plenty of hand rank manipulation. Emilia is the star of the show, charging her up with just hexes gets her to a 4 stud, 5 huckster (only during shootout.)

There are several ludicrous combos you can try to pull off. If you get 4 Tlaloc's Furies down, and one of them is on José Morales, he will become a huckster 11. Soul Blast and Bobo should enjoy that. Same deal, but on Emilia with 4 hexes, and she's a 8 stud 9 huckster. Or play a LeMat Revolver on her (again with 4 hexes) and her 5 stud will mean your opponent will never want to cheat, and can bring a disaster of a hand into a good hand, especially if you have 2 in play on your studs.

Antheia Pansofia is cheap, no upkeep influence, a huckster, but can also boost another hucksters Soul Blast by 3 if you draw a club. All together possible soulblast of 25 on jose (all boosts included.

Major thanks to Shekky_ducky for inspiring this deck.

Jul 27, 2016 mplain

Faced this deck, got blown out of town. Vivirias is so strong! Fun stuff :)