Law Dogs 2/8/10 Sidekick AC Sheriff Event

published Sep 18, 2016 | | |
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Lapp 80

Something fun and challenging to update an old Law Dogs spot removal style deck. I've always liked to keep one deck together for each outfit card; some my own creation, some derived from others. I always liked Jon Del Arroz (Otomo) 's 2/8/10 dogs. It hasn't kept up competitively with a lot of other decks, but the sidekicks now help in providing some extra spuds to help counter swarm. Concept has remained the same, with a few added tools. The cards on value can be changed, perhaps even the starting posse, but Wendy is still really powerful and to be honest, my Ricos are all in other decks, so I decided not to mess with that much. For off suit, Jackson's Strike helps generate that bounty hunter income. Faster helps get Philip in as your extra stud and coachwhip is just some added cheatin hate. Takin Ya With Me could go back in as well. The income mostly comes once you start collecting some bounty, so it's a slow build. The deck often requires a lot of chess plays and isn't an easy shooter to pilot, but had a lot of fun and some great games at our final Sheriff event.