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LordManHammer 447

So took this deck to the casual event saturday afternoon/evening. Its a refined version of previous devolution decks I have tried to do with Lillian Morgan (Exp.1). It went 1-2 so nothing unusual there :D

Basically it devolves extremely fast into DMH. My record for devolving down to the dmh is end of day 3 - with only 20 cards left in hand, discard pile and deck.

Like Lillian herself, this deck does not handle easily. You have to use the home to build stuff either with Lillian or Steven Wiles and have a way out of there (Highbinder is good - another way out is Soul Blast or Shadow Walk). Furthermore you need to be able to get a Steven or Daomei down every turn for protection of Lillian and the deeds - but you need to not engage unless absolutely necessary untill you have devolved the deck as much as possible. When that happens though - you have the best shooter deck out there!

So what could possibly go wrong???

Well - a few things to be honest. Early Kidnappin' of Lillian might get you in trouble. A lot of outmanouvering and deeds from your opponent might do the same (you only have 4 dudes with influence in the deck). Your spell pulls will fail! Sometimes intentionally though - nothing like a shadowwalk failing to lure your would-be murderers in for a fill of hot lead DMH style :D

However, when it goes right it goes very right - nothing better than pulling DMH after DMH in bloody shootouts that will paint Gomorrah red.

Try it out - for nothing else than to see the look on your opponents face when he tries to figure out what you are doing.

Shoutout to all at Worlds '18 - especially Mark from Edinburgh sitting through this after the Worlds Tournament and @jordan_caldwell for general amazingness...

May 08, 2018 Redgar

I really like the deck: it puts a good amount of pressure on the opponent. That Ace in the Hole can be quite a nasty punishment for an opponent expecting to out-shoot by the third round of a shootout! :)

May 08, 2018 Harlath

Thanks for letting us see the full deck, I caught the end of a match involving this deck and it was quite the terror to behold. Truly the work of a mad genius. :)