Phantom Ringers (2018 NA Champs Top 8)

published Aug 06, 2018 | | |

DoomDog 931

Finished 3rd in Swiss, but lost in the first match of the top 8 to Brandon's FMB aggro deck as my not-quite-awake-enough self made an error and had Valeria walk into a Shotgun she could have avoided.

This is basically an updated version of the passive control deck I played at last year's Euros. The changes included extra copies of Phantom Fingers to help with the gadget matchups (that never happened). Friends in High Places swapped in in place of Backroom Deals to assist with chess. Between Blood Curse and Phantasm it's easy to set up a situation where you can use this to get across town square unscathed or get into position to use Puppet. Lost to the Plague swapped in for Flight of the Lepus. It's great anti-Allie tech, and there felt little point in bringing cheatin' resolutions I never really used when the deck generally avoids getting into shootouts.

Why Full Moon Brotherhood over the base set home when I'm not hunting dudes? Full Moon Brotherhood is incredibly versatile. I used it to blank traits, especially on key dudes like Jake Smiley and Fred Aims. The ability to block movement by card effects is also very strong in certain matchups. Making callouts irrefusable can also be handy if there's an isolated dude you want to scare with a Soul Blast or Take With Ya in a shootout.

Aug 08, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your decklist. Classic high value 4R can still perform well. :)

Nice to see the "No Cheatin' Punishment" risk pay off - think this makes sense given the relatively loose structure.

Aug 20, 2018 LordManHammer

Good idea and great deck it seems!