FFoC Doomtown Deckbuilding Series #3 Coverage Eagle Wardens

published Oct 26, 2018 | | |
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Oct 28, 2018 thesirz

Just played a couple games against this deck. The idea is a cool one, but relying on an ace dude as your enforcer is risky. A shotgun (or in my case an Asyncoil) completely shuts you down if you lose lowball. The starting gang probably needs some tweaking.

Oct 29, 2018 LPF

Absolutely if you are in an environment with anti low value acing cards like shotgun i would recommend an entirely different starting posse. Probably something along the lines of: Enapay, Zachary, Willa Mae, Mazatl and either jake or alexander depending on if you have lots of full moon in your meta or not. Luckily the deck is not dependent on any particular starting posse dude so it is easy to switch them out as needed and depending on what type of meta you find yourself in.