Delivering Justice

published Dec 11, 2018 | | |
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Halcyon72 10

Four players caught up in Perth, Western Australia to play in the Abomination Series on Saturday, December 8.

This deck went 1-2 on the day.

The deck goes well if my private deeds are contested or if i can place bounties. I did manage to use Bounty Hunter a few times, but unfortunately not many of my opponents cheated many times which made the strengths of this deck found wanting.

Dec 11, 2018 Harlath

Thanks for the comments and hope everyone had fun! :)

I think you've hit on one of my biggest issues with Justice In Exile - the lack of reliability in making dudes wanted. I like the original home for the extra GR and reliability (which lets you afford an excellent starting posse of Tommy Harden, "Thunder Boy" Nabbe, Hattie DeLorre, Philip Swinford and Willa Mae MacGowan). Might be worth considering Stewart Davidson if you're using Justice in Exile?

Ramping up the bullet reduction with more Sun in Yer Eyes might help force your opponent to cheat more?

Point Blank worth considering too, as you can quasi target is by using Tommy Harden and Hattie DeLorre to lower a dude to 0 bullets. Bounty Hunter also makes good use of this cards as they come in unbooted.

Dec 12, 2018 Halcyon72

Cheers @Harlathfor your feedback. This deck has been one played a lot with my group so they do know what to expect mostly when I play it.

When my opponents do cheat I like the synergy between Gomorra Jail and Justice In Exile for additional GR and Control Points.

I will play around with the original home and moving in Stewart Davidson for an added opportunity to place bounties.