Encore! v. 3

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LordManHammer 447

Inspired by: http://dtdb.co/en/decklist/261/encore-v-2

So this is the build I used in our last tournament the 28th of December. I swapped out Cheatin' Varmint with Magical Distraction and Raisin' Hell with another Forget. As soon as I can Ill get rid of that one though, 3 is too many in this deck.

The Deck won first place over A Deedslide Morgan on second place and a Dirty Law Dogs Deck on third place. We were 4 players and the deck went 3-0. First game was against the Law Dogs. They absolutely dominated me with 2 shotguns out on the table and it was first in day 3 or 4 that I was able to gain the upper hand and take out the shotgun toting terrors of the town with some unprepared. Day 5 ended the game with him doing a job to ace Arnold and we had a shootout going into 3 rounds untill he drew 2 pairs and I had a legal 4 of a kind. I think I won in the end because of my deck devoluting faster than his. By my count I had about 30 cards left in my deck at the end of the game. Note to self: Shotguns are really good against Mongwau/Micah start.

Second game was against a new player playing the decks made in the starting box. He was playing Law Dogs and I had a good starting hand taking out Wendy and Tommy in day 1 with a Paralysis Mark and a Soulblast. Day two saw little struggle as the clowns just sauntered in and took control of the town. Had a nice game against his Sloane deck afterwards though, that saw me at the recieving end of a lot of Unprepared. Good fun - but in the end Mongwau took care of business.

Third game was against MCC deedslide. I knew he wouldn't be able to shoot at all so I started Arnold, Dulf and Mongwau and took control of any deed he put down. He tried to pull me out of position by taking control of my Jackson Strike but I ignored it and began putting Forget and Blood Curse on Mongwau. Day two saw Micah saunter into town and with 2 Blood Curses, a Forget, a Paralysis Mark and 6 control points in Town I was able to force him into a shootout which he lost miserably. Unlucky for him he did not draw an influence dude in two play hands. Not much to do, but an interesting game of positioning.

Dec 31, 2014 aermet69

Yeah that was a tight game against my Corrupt Rangers. 4x Backways, 2x Bluetick and 2x Mustang apparently wasn't enough additional movement. Though the game really changed when you failed that Shadowwalk home. The Judge would have come down and called upon Mongwau with his Shotgun friend. But alas! When the Ring is working with you in such mysterious ways, there is little one can do. :)

Dec 31, 2014 Epimer

Note to self: Shotguns are really good against Mongwau/Micah start.

Yeah, this is why I'm thinking about replacing Michah with Wilber Crowley in my fairly similar 4R deck. I'll sorely miss Michah's movement ability, but with 16x 8s it would mean more consistent Blood Curses. I'm just haunted by one OCTGN game against (I think) Sloane where two dudes with Shotguns basically shut me down for an entire game.