Dead Mans Hexin`

published Aug 21, 2023 | | |
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ThomasJakobsen 15

In games the deck performs either extremely great or very bad. I think a bit more starting influence would be great, when I decide to make some tweaks to it. I used this deck at the multi-player event at Gen Con, where I played in a three player game. I played a very aggressive style, and started racking up the Control Points. By turn 2 it was a 2 vs 1 game, where we hade 3 or 4 shootouts in turn 2 and 3, where I was me against the two other players. The deck worked as if charmed. I kept winning the shootouts, and even pulled the Dead Man’s Hand twice. So even against two players I won in turn 3 (or was it 4, cannot remember). There wasn’t another round at the event (don’t know why, but most likely because we only were 6 players that showed up for the event).